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Attila Nagy

  • Post: departmental engineer, laboratory director
  • Education / degree: MSc in electrical engineering
  • Phone: +3614631647
  • eduID: email küldése
  • Official email:email küldése


Head of Laboratory


MSc in Electrical Engineering, 2000 – BME Faclty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Educational activitiy

1999- lecturer of various courses at Department of Networked Systems and Services (previously called as Dept. of Telecommunications), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, BME: Measurement laboratory, Control engineering laboratory, Acoustical measurements laboratory, Basics of programming (both in Hungarian and in English), Room Acoustics

2016- lecturer of Building Acoustics and Acoustic Design of Public Buildings at Dept. of Building Constructions, Faculty of Architecture, BME

Professional experience

1999- Kotschy and Partners Ltd. (previously Kotschy Ltd.)

2004-2016 Assistant researcher at Laboratory of Acoustics and Studio Technologies at Dept. of Networked Systems and Services, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

2007- Reziduum Ltd. (founder and CEO)

2016- Laboratory of Building Acoustics at Dept. of Building Constructions, Faculty of Architecture, BME


  • OPAKFI (Scientific Society for Optics, Acoustics, Motion Pictures and Theatre Technology)
    • since 2000 Member of Department of Acoustics and Department of Noise and vibration control
    • since 2002 board member of Dept. of Acoustics
    • 2006-2010 president of Dept. of Acoustics (2006-2010)
  • MMK (Chamber of Hungarian Engineers)
    • since 2011 member
    • since 2015 vice-president of Department of Acoustics
  • EAA (European Acoustics Association) member
  • CEAS-ASC (Council of European Aerospace Societies – Aeroacoustics Specialists' Committee) co-opted member

Professional activity

Working at the Laboratory of Building Acoustics as Head of Laboratory since July 2016.

Participated in several European and national research and coordination projects between 2004 and 2016, as the member of the Laboratory of Acoustics and Studio technology, local coordinator of Convurt, Imagine, X3-Noise, Xnoise-EV. Besides research projects participates in numerous consultany and design project in the field of vibration and noise control and buiding acoustics.

Member of the organising committe of Forum Acusticum 2005 international conference.

Besides his university occupation, he has been working as an acoustic expert and consultant since 1999, bearing an expert license of the Chamber since 2006 (expert in noise and vibration control and in building acoustics).

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